Top 6 High Vibrational Foods to Boost Your Energy, Mood, and Health

Boosting your natural energy by eating high vibrational foods can benefit your mood and health to improve longevity.


Reverse the effects of a poor diet on your internal vibration by focusing on plant-based foods that come with the benefit of enhanced natural energy.


What are Vibrations?


The concept of your body’s natural ‘vibration’ is an ancient one introduced by the Greeks.


The Greeks proposed how ‘vibrations’ – more specifically known as energy – affects everything on earth. Meaning, all humans, animals, and plants are interconnected. They also cited that these shared energies have a profound effect on your overall health. A concept that can be considered the ‘circle of life’ with no beginning or end between all living things.


Since we are made of energy, it is important to keep our vibrations well fed and managed. When you don’t maintain your inner vibration, it can lapse into a negative cycle and put you in poor health and reduce longevity.


What are High Vibrational Foods and What do They do?


Because we are made of energy, we must consume high amounts of energy from food, air, and water. High vibrational foods can help you maintain and improve your natural energy because they, themselves, contain ample amounts of energy.


Foods with high vibrations are foods that are plant-based and highly nutritious, packed with a variety of macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial compounds and chemicals. They can be identified by their bright, vibrant colors that represent their ability to supercharge your energetic frequency.


High vibrational foods have the potential to improve your energy, mood, and health to make you your best self.


3 Ways High Vibration Foods Help You be Your Best Self


High vibration foods contain many health-boosting nutrients that not only enhance your natural glow, but can also help you feel alive, aware, and in tune with the world around you.


Increasing vibrational foods can:


  1. Boost Energy Levels


Low energy foods can decrease your vibration.


Foods high in energy decrease feelings of fatigue and exhaustion. It can also enhance daily productivity.


  1. Improve Mood


Like boosting energy levels, high vibration foods can reverse the effects of poor nutrition on mood. High vibration foods can reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing feelings of happiness.


  1. Enhance Overall Health


Foods that provide a higher vibration not only improve your energy and mood, but they can recover the function of your body and overall health. This includes how your body systems perform, such as your immunity and digestion.


Top 6 High Vibrational Foods to Boost Your Energy, Mood, and Health


Luckily, here are many options of high vibrational foods available. Here are the top 6 foods with ample nutrients to boost your energy, mood, and health


  1. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


A variety fresh of fruits and vegetables contain robust amounts of nutrients that can heighten your vibration. Like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.


These include berries, dark leafy greens, and tropical fruits.


  1. Sprouts


Sprouts can be grown from almost any seed, bean, or grain, but all options contain high amounts of plant-based protein. They are also rich in enzymes and can neutralize phytic acid to improve nutrient absorption.


  1. Algae and Seaweed


Algae and seaweed are becoming an extremely popular high vibration food. From spirulina to chlorella, these deep-sea vegetables are very nutrient-dense and are very effective at improving your natural energy.


  1. Beans and Legumes


Beans and legumes contain plenty of vitamins and minerals, including iron and B vitamins. They also have a great amount of fiber, complex carbohydrates, and plant-based protein.


  1. Fermented Foods


The gut is a central area for your body’s natural vibration. Unhealthy foods can stimulate poor digestion while high vibrational foods like naturally fermented foods can boost your energy levels. This is because they increase nutrient absorption, enhance gut health, and boost good bacteria in the gut.


Great fermented food options include sauerkraut, kombucha, and kimchi.


  1. Tea (with Herbs and Spices)


Tea made with tea leaves, herbs, and spices contain many natural healing properties and have been used as health remedies for thousands of years. They contain powerful antioxidants and phytochemicals that protect the body by boosting immune system function and reducing inflammation while also promoting the feeling of calmness.


For best results for your health, look for teas that include chamomile, ginger, mint, turmeric, or cinnamon.


The Top 3 Foods that Decrease Your Natural Vibration


Unlike high vibrational foods, low energy foods can decrease your natural vibration. Foods that are low in nutrients and are unbalanced in beneficial compounds and chemicals that assist with keeping you in good health.


The top 3 foods – or types of foods – that can decrease your body’s energy:


  1. Meat and Animal By-Products


Meats and animal by-products that are high in saturated fats add stress to the body and can lead to poor circulation and disease.


  1. Highly Processed Foods


Foods that have been highly processed, like refined sugars, grains, and canned foods, have beneficial nutrients removed during processing. Consuming too many processed foods can reduce your vibrations.


  1. Alcohol


Over consuming alcohol can diminish your natural energy as it increases oxidation and stress on the body. Drinking alcohol excessively can lead to the development of several potentially dangerous conditions.


How to Add More High Vibration Foods into Your Day and Boost Your Health


If you want to improve your body’s energy levels to boost your mood and health for you to be your best self, you can add more high vibration foods into your diet.


You should eat less processed and meat-based foods that can lower your natural vibration and replace them with vibrant, fresh foods filled with beneficial nutrients.


Try some easy ways to add more high vibration foods to your day for better energy levels:


  • Blend them into your morning smoothie

  • Switch your afternoon snack out for a high vibrational option

  • Make tasty spreads, salsas, and dips with them

  • Replace fat and refined sugar in baked goods with a plant-based option