How to Raise Your Vibration? By O.R.HARDWICK

Do you feel compassionate, motivated, and enthusiastic every day? If yes, then you are up in your game and you have got your vibration. But, if you don’t feel like you can chase your goals and achieve something in your life, then you need to learn how to raise your vibration. 


A vibration is a state of being energetic and motivated. When you have a vibration in you, people will sense your energy when you walk into a room. Everything around us vibration from the physical matter to the spiritual awakening. When you have a high vibration, you feel lighter and happier, but when you have low vibration, you feel confused, dark, and lost. If you want to achieve a state of consciousness, you have to raise your vibration. 


As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract” – Abraham-Hicks


You might have heard about the law of attraction - you will get what you offer out into the world. This is the same when you vibrate, if you are high on vibration, you will attract all the good things around you. But if you are low and hopeless all the time, only a miracle can make good and amazing things happen to you. It is best to raise your vibration if you want to achieve something in your life and to move forward. 


How to Raise Vibration?


Let’s check out some of the easiest and guaranteed ways of raising your vibration:


  • Mindfulness


Mindfulness is all about being very well aware of your surroundings and the things that you are doing. You need to be present at the moment no matter if you are doing something very ordinary such as eating. If you put your mind to eating, the nutrients can bring better effects in your body. The same is the case with all the activities that you do. Once you are present for your surroundings and yourself, you will see a change in yourself. You will be more considerate and compassionate towards others and yourself too. 


  • Tend to High-Vibe Books, Music, and TV. 


You will be surprised to know that everything that we are doing in our leisure time is affecting our vibration. It is about everything you are consuming. If you are adapting entertainment of high vibration, you will be uplifted. Think about it. Which was the last book that you read? Did it induce motivation in you or were you depressed after you finished it? What did you feel when you watched that violent movie? What type of lyrics do you listen to? Do they uplift your soul or do they make you feel lost? If you want to learn how to raise vibration, focus on these things, and notice by yourself that just changing a few things in your daily activities can bring about a big change in your vibration.


  • Eating high-vibe food


Everything you eat is transferred in you in the form of energy. Though we don’t care about this aspect of our life and we eat what we like, but it has a big impact on our vibration. If you eat a lot of dead energy in the form of processed food, meat, and fried items, you will be reducing your vibration. But if you change your diet just a bit and eat organic food such as vegetables, fruits, nutrient-based items, it will change your vibration, leaving you feeling alive and vibrant. Planning a proper diet should be your priority if you want to have a mindset of success. 


  • Relationships matter


We all love to be in relationships as they make us feel connected, happy, confident, and they enhance our personality. But is that the case with your relationship? If not, then you need to change it as soon as possible. The connections that we create and the relationships that we carry have a direct influence on our vibration. If your partner constantly makes you feel less, and not worthy, then where does that relationship leave you? On the other hand, a healthy relationship enhances your vibration, thus keeping you on the right track. 


  • Learn to say NO


We often think that saying ‘YES’ to everything is the solution to all problems. If we please others, we can live a happy and satisfying life. But is that so? Saying ‘YES’ to everything that others demand or say is a step towards losing your personality and vibration. If you want to raise your vibration, you ought to reclaim your individuality and energy and learn to say no. You don’t have to do the things that you don’t want to do. This is where you start making your world and rules. 


  • Gratitude


Practicing little acts of gratitude can shift you to a phase of high vibration state. Gratitude is all about complaining less and being thankful more. If you keep on complaining and being ungrateful about the things that you have, it will just lower your vibration and you will be stuck at the phase of complaining only. You need to make the changes that you demand, and be thankful for whatever you have. Being grateful will keep you positive and thus enhance your vibration. 


  • Forgiveness


Are you someone who doesn’t forgive easily? Where does that leave you? You keep on thinking about the things others have done wrong and you never get to think beyond that. When we keep on blaming someone and don’t forgive them, we are making ourselves emotionally stuck and there is no space left for us to move forward. So, if you want to uplift your vibration, you ought to learn how to forgive. Once you start forgiving easily, you will see how it changes your thoughts, emotions, and how it makes you available for further positive thoughts and actions. 



  • Learn something new


Human beings can learn throughout their life. If we stop ourselves from learning anything, we are limiting ourselves. We are depriving ourselves of the capacity of being something more. If you want to keep on moving forward and raise your vibration, you can start by learning small things. You will see that even a small step like learning gardening can bring about big changes in you and make you more capable than before. Learning throughout life keeps you open to creativity and positive thinking. 


  • Meditation


While learning how to raise your vibration, you must come across the phenomenon of meditation. Many of us don’t realize the importance of a good morning routine. We usually wake up, have our coffee and go towards the routine that we have. But only if you realize that the addition of a yoga or meditation time can change your mood and thoughts. You can start by meditating for a few minutes, just find a calm corner to relax yourself a bit. Meditation can help you calm down, deal with your stress and anxiety, and provide you with a better insight into your feelings. All of these things lead to high vibration and better thinking. 


  • Reduce Alcohol from your body


Alcohol is the source of depression and anxiety, and it has really bad effects on the body too. Moreover, it lowers your vibration. If you want to have a clear head and a positive approach, you ought to leave unhealthy habits such as consuming alcohol. Adopt a healthier and holistic lifestyle so that you can see things clearly and understand the consequences of your actions. You need to reduce toxins from your body to raise your vibration. 


  • Going for a walk


Though we don’t give much attention to exercise outside, a simple walk outside can change your perspective and get you in a better mood for the rest of the day. Go for a walk under the sun, and you feel your whole body resonating with the outer environment. A simpler exercise like a walk can bring you to a better mood and a better capability of dealing with things. The best time to do this is in the morning, or you can always go out for a walk when you are feeling stressed out or worn out. It always helps you in putting you on the right track and it raises your vibration as well. 



 Knowing how to raise your vibration might not seem like an issue, but it all works only if you are determined to do something in your life. Raising your vibration is directly linked to having a clear mindset to achieve your goals, and to be better at dealing with life and its issues. So, let’s take one step at a time, and you will see the change in a very short time.